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TERMS OF USE  { er ho˙ist } ] airless spraying[ ENG ] The spraying of paint by ] ENG ] An opening through which air hp See air horsepower.air-injection reactor [ ENG] ] air-inlet valve [MECH ENG tem, a device through which air is exhausted of a machined surface to that of a reference sur- face by measuring the rate of passage of air be- from a room or building. { er tərm⭈ən⭈əl } tive to the air mass in which the aircraft is flying.{ ¦er spe¯d in⭈də ka¯d⭈ər } air thermometer [ ENG] A device that measures the temperature of an enclosed space by means air spring[ MECH ENG ] A spring in which the energy storage element is air confined in a con- of variations in the pressure or volume of air contained in a bulb placed in the space. 1. A test room in2. A room completely lined with a  { aŋ⭈gəl pad⭈əl } tween the abscissa and the tangent of the curve representing the relationship of shearing resist- ENG] A hand tool used to finish angle section[ CIV ENG ] A structural steel mem- to the surface of the ground or target at the point ] The largest angle that turned through by either of two wheels in gear, tural member which is designed to carry a com- pression load. { aŋ⭈gəl strət } from the coincidence of the pitch points of a pairof teeth until the last point of contact of the angle valve [ A narrow strip of wood used to conceal the joint between a wall and a vertical by the axis of the projectile and the tangentto the trajectory (direction of motion), and the wood surface which makes an angle with the wall, as at the edge of a corner cabinet. 2 C ⫽ 4L  { as⭈trə⭈gəl ¦frənt } ] A lock front which is ] A machine in astragal front [DES ENG assembly machine [MECH ENG numbers of operators or machines to each oper- member, or combination of members, fixed to one of a pair of doors or casement windows to ation of an assembly line so as to meet therequired production rate with a minimum of idle cover the joint between the meeting stiles and to close the clearance gap. { ba¨r tı¯p gra¯d⭈iŋ } shield made of a material designed to absorb ən¦lik⭈ər } and collet on line with the turning axis of the ] A type of movable barricade shield [ENG reduce or confine the blast effect and fragmenta- bly of metal bars in which the bearing bars (run-tion of an explosion. { bar⭈ə ka¯d } ning in one direction) are spaced by rigid attach- bar-type grating[ CIV ENG ] An open grid assem- lathe and held firmly by the closed collet. 1. A block of any material  { bach ba¨ks } terms of the remaining (n ⫺ m) variables and used to measure and mix the constituents of asetting the (n ⫺ m) variables equal to zero.batch of concrete, plaster, or mortar, to ensure batch box[ ENG ] A container of known volume program model, consisting of m equations in n{ bach } variables, obtained by solving for m variables in IND ENG ] A solution to a linear make the final product substantially uniform. fraction is passed through beds of bauxite; con-version of many different sulfur compounds, par- bauxite treating[ CHEM ENG ] A catalytic petro- battery[ CHEM ENG ] A series of distillation col- ] A device for ob- hung vertically and used to test the batter of a CHEM ENG] A corrosion con- batten plate [ ] ] bathyclinograph [ENG failure rate, after which the failure rate again nailed to corner posts located just outside the corners of a proposed building to assist in the increases sharply. 2. The activity that3. Distortion occurring in a resistance-  { ba¨d⭈əm ko˙rd } ENG] Initial alignment of a direc- Any of the bottom[ series of truss members parallel to the roadway boresighting ] { ba¨d⭈əl } and n-type semiconductor materials, at which boundary friction ] box piles[ CIV ENG ] Pile foundations made bybowl classifier spring steel which is enclosed in a helical casing can be folded into a boxlike enclosure or recessand used to transmit longitudinal motions over at the side of the window frame. { bra¯k MECH ENG] ] The act or process of strengthen-brake thermal efficiency [ bracing [ENG { bra¯k shu¨ } IND ENG] A Bragg spectrometer [ENG ] [ CIV ENG ] A part of a sewer sys- ] The amplifi- the ideas, without regard for feasibility, which cation of current or voltage in a branch of an occur from a group of people meeting together. 1. The theorem car stop [2. The theorem that any system  { se⭈lo¯ } celo[ MECH ] A unit of acceleration equal to thecentering [ in de- a support or blade between two abrasive wheels.grees Celsius (⬚C) is related to the temperature { sen⭈tər ga¯d⭈əd mo¯ld } a cellular-plastic object that differs noticeably mold with the filling orifice interconnected tofrom the cell structure of the remainder of the the nozzle and the center of the cavity area.material. { cha¨rj kwan⭈tə za¯⭈shən } tive control system, a container filled with acti- ] In an evapora- { cha¨r⭈jiŋ kər⭈ənt } test } A device that per- and the charge of a body is the algebraic summits simultaneous viewing of a radar plan posi- of the charges of its constituents; the value of tion indicator display and a navigation chart so the charge may be inferred from the Coulombforce between charged objects. 1. A basic property of elementary  { klo˙z⭈e¯⭈əs sta¯t⭈mənt } Clausius theorem See Clausius inequality.{ klo˙z⭈ cleanout door[ ENG ] An opening in the side of { kle¯n au˙t o ˙ g⭈ər } of the second law of thermodynamics, stating itis not possible that, at the end of a cycle of ] ing the interior surfaces of heat exchangers and gas’s specific heat at constant volume does notboiler tubes; consists of a drive motor, a flexible depend on the temperature. { ko¯m pla¯t }same degree of comfort; a curve of constant com- [ MECH ENG ] The toothed portion of comfort curve[ ENG ] A line drawn on a graphcombplate long and supported on a mounting that is free humidity, flow, and composition of air by usingto rotate about its vertical axis; in use, the comb heating and air-conditioning systems, ventila-is turned so that the cloud appears to move tors, or other systems to increase the comfort ofparallel to the tips of the vertical rods. 3 I. { kə mand kən tro¯l kə myu¨⭈ common-mode gain [  diesel engine fuel-injection system in which one{ ¦ka¨m⭈ən dra¯n am⭈plə fı¯⭈ər } rail maintains the fuel at a specified pressure [ ELECTR ] An amplifier from the plate of the roof to the ridge board common-rail injection [ at right angles to both members, and to which using a field-effect transistor so that the input signal is injected between gate and drain, while roofing is attached. comminutor [ compensating network ENG] That part of a compass in compensated neutron logging [ENG ] Neutron that each of two traveling microscopes must be moved in order to remain centered on scratches well logging using one source and two detectors;the apparent limestone porosity is calculated by on a rod-shaped specimen when the tempera- ture of the specimen is raised by a measured computer from the ratio of the count rate of onedetector to that of the other. 3 L. { ka¨m⭈plə¦men⭈tre¯ ¦ka¨n⭈stənt  A shallow space in a BUILD] { kro˙⭈lər we¯l } radial direction, between the crest of the thread[ of a screw and the root of the thread with which crawl space [ MECH ENG ] A wheel that drives { krest }crest clearance [ DES ENG ] The clearance, in a a continuous metal belt, as on a crawler tractor. [ ] An iron or steel bar that is crowbar [ cross-level [ENG ] load on the actuating element of a circuit breaker connection between two pipes in the same wateror other protective device, thus triggering system or a connection between two The movement of air ness of each is removed so that at the joint thefrom one side of a building or room and out the thickness is the same as that of the individualother side or through a monitor.