Term of Service

  1. Accept the terms of use agreement

    Welcome to! provide Services under the "Terms of Use Services" (hereinafter referred to as "TUS"). Your use of or subscription to use the service of mean you agree with us terms of this Use Agreement and become a member of If you do not agree please do not use or register to use the services offered by can change and adjust their decisions TUS follow from time to time without informing Members tell. Members agreed that if members continue to use the Service after TUS is updated, it means that members have accepted and agree to abide by the TUS has been updated. Members can view the latest TUS at any time here.

    In addition, when using particular Services owned or operated by, Members will have to comply with the instructions listed or rules applicable to such services can be listed from time to time. All such guidelines or regulations are put into this as a reference TUS. In most cases, the instructions and rules are specific to each part separately and will help members apply TUS for that part, but in the event of any inconsistency between any rules TUS or directed to do, the level will be effective TUS use.

  2. Description of Services

    Through and links on, give Members the possibility to access to the resources on, use the services provided by, including documents , images, audio, video, databases, messages or message management and other services (hereinafter referred to as the "service"). Unless there are other specific regulations, the regulation of the use agreement includes an update or upgrade, the characteristics or properties of the Service, or the new services provided by

    Service on this website are willing to change without notice or required to confirm and does not guarantee the Service will be satisfactory, compatible or consistent with the aim of all Members. also no guarantee that the functions of the Service will be provided continuous technical fault or no virus, the errors (if any) will be overcome in time.

    Please understand that created the access limits on certain general and Member Services will have to complete the specific conditions to be able to access and view such areas.

  3. The rights and responsibilities of respect the copyright of the information and documents which Members upload to, however reserves the right to edit the content as appropriate or cancel the information and documents that Members provide without notifying Members to ensure that the information and documents are registered in accordance with Regulation have the right to stop temporarily or permanently access and use the Web site The Member armor if action is damaging to the website or violate the Terms of Service without compensation usually any damage to the member. may refuse to register as a member of the Members have been canceled as a member on have the right to provide the personal information of members to third parties and / or state agencies competent in the case of members violating the regulations published information and documents on the website or at the request of State agencies.

    When the court, procuracy, police, tax authorities, law office, central consumer protection, competent authorities equivalent, or company security requirements make our company I provide personal information, will provide personal information of members for the purpose of protecting the rights, trademarks, property of have the right to send email for the purpose of advertising, providing information according to the email address registered member. If members do not want to receive mail, Members may send a notice to the mail, will stop providing information.

  4. The issue of immunity

    The exchanges ecommerce buyers to sellers meet to exchange information, document transactions. All transactions on as purchasing materials, use of services, information will be made directly between the buyer and the seller. absolutely not assume any responsibility relating to trading activities and does not accept any responsibility regarding the dispute occurred between the parties. will not be liable for the damage caused by the lack or inaccuracy of information on the website, including the direct consequence, indirect, incidental, or arising from the Member accesses or use the information on the website. Therefore, members are solely responsible for the consequences of using the website.

    All available resources (including, without limitation, documents, audio, video, books, books ....) Are uploaded by members, absolutely does not bear any responsibility concerned about copyright, content and / or the legality of all the resources on.

    In the process of dealing with these problems can arise due to technical fault, transmission, virus ... .dan hampered transaction interrupted. This is an issue beyond the control of, so will not accept any liability arising from this incident caused.

  5. Responsibilities and rights of Member

    Members shall ensure the information and documents published on proprietary or legal right to use his full commitment to comply with the provisions of your country (as amended and supplemented from time to time) and the documents guiding the implementation of the Law on intellectual property. If the Member violates this provision, Members shall bear full responsibility for the damage caused to third parties and to take full responsibility before the law.

    Members agreed after this rule and end user account registration on are considered Members of Members only registered account to use for themselves, is not registered for another person and is responsible for registering their accounts.

    Members are committed to providing fully accurate information, including name, age, address, email ... to register and to take full responsibility for this information.

    Members shall have access to password protect, and the responsibility of the login password of the Members, or by the Member by direct login. If you lose your password or suspect your password leaked, Members shall immediately notify to be issued a new password. However, will not bear any responsibility for any losses incurred in relation to the Member lost passwords or passwords leaked in any shape or form.

    Members absolutely not use any program, tool or other means to interfere or alter system data structures of

    Absolutely not spread, spread or advocate for any activity aimed interventions, sabotage or entering data as well as system of server.

    Upon detection of system error, please notify the Member of Management Board of email. Must not have any act aimed logged illegally or find illegal logging as well as causing damage to the host system's

    When commenting, comment or review any products or comments to other members, Members must not contain profanity, ridicule or have any lack of cultural behavior towards other Members under any kind (ridicule, disparage, discrimination based on religion, gender, ethnicity ...). Members must absolutely not commit fraudulent or willful others lamminh idea is another member, or a member of the Management Board

    Members may log in and use the services we offer on The information and materials posted on the Members must conform to the provisions of and regulations of your country. Members are solely responsible before third parties and before the law for content, copyright, legality for information, documents Members brought up.

    Members shall not be entitled to post the sources of information, the following documents:

    • Sources of information and documents brought up against the government of the your country causing national security or documents causing religious conflict, political or sensitive issues;
    • Source documents and false information, superstition or take the propaganda nature, reactionary, lash, against negative impacts to individuals or groups in society;
    • Source document, information or images violating existing laws of the State of your country;
    • The source of the information and documents that contain viruses to sabotage the site and affect other users;
    • Sources of information, documents, images or video depraved, obscene inconsistent with the aesthetic traditions and customs of your country.

  6. Connect to other website

    The Service may provide, or third parties may provide, links to other sources of electronic sites or other online. Because not control these sites and resources, the Member acknowledges and agrees that not responsible for the availability of external sites or resources that are not confirmed and is not responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products, or other materials available from these sites or sources confirmed do.Thanh and agree that will not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or related to the use of products or services available on any any such site or resource.

  7. Announcement can provide members with notices, including notices about the changes related to the Terms of Service by email, regular mail or postings on the Service . Members agreed that the notification by e-mail or regular mail, and such display of notices or links to notices to Members on the Service will constitute sufficient notice to Members on issues included in that notification.

  8. Age regulations offers products and documentation policies for most ages, from children's books, comics, until the books and documents of academic nature for ages higher ... So to ensure the interests of users as members, encourages member 123doc should find and consult documents and books suitable for ages as well as the intended use of the member to the best effect.

  9. Contribute to By submitting ideas, suggestions, documents or proposals contribute to through the suggestions or feedback, Members acknowledge and agree that:
    • Contribution of Member does not contain confidential information or proprietary
    • no obligation of confidentiality, express or implied, with respect to the contribution
    • have the right to use or disclose (or choose not to use or disclose) contributions for any purpose
    • can have similar ways to contribute to the review and development
    • Contributions of members automatically become the property of, without any obligation for Member of
  10. General Agreement

    Terms of Use of the Service is considered to be the entire agreement between Member and, and will regulate the use of Member Services, and supersedes all previous agreements, confirmation or statement previously between Members and related services Vu.De avoidance of doubt, Members and parties is only related to the Terms of Service.

  11. Report infringement case suggest all of members report any violations of the Terms of Service to the Customer Care at the email address